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Great Lakes Energy People's Fund Selects City of Hart for Outdoor Speaker System for Downtown

HART, MI - The City of Hart is grateful to be a recipient of the Great Lakes Energy People Fund grant to fund a streaming wireless audio system to be placed on the light poles along four core blocks in Downtown Hart, including Hart Commons and Pocket Park.

This project is supported by two local organizations, the Tax Increment Finance Authority (TIFA) and the Hart Economic and Redevelopment Team (HEART) who agreed to each match $7,500 towards the purchase of 10 speaker sets for coverage in the proposed 4-block area. The speakers are waterproof and weatherproof so they will be able to stay up year-round.

"Community events are hosted throughout the year in Downtown Hart including parades, festivals, concerts, markets, car shows, and more. A sound system would give us the ability to announce parade contestants, thank sponsors, stream our summer concerts throughout the district and play music during the holiday season, during special events and during regular shopping hours. The system would also give us the ability to play movies in the park," states Nichole Kleiner, Economic & Community Development Director.

The budget for the project includes a fixed transmitter, a mobile transmitter, and shipping fees. The City of Hart Public Works Department will install the wireless system. The speakers require power at each location which is available on each proposed light pole. The install will start as soon as possible, however the vendor indicated orders are taking 4-5 months to arrive.

The Great Lakes Energy People Fund is made possible by the GLE customers who contribute to the People Fund by authorizing the cooperative to “round up” their bill to the next highest dollar (an average of 50 cents each month or $6 per year). All contributions are tax-deductible. There is no overhead. All of the money contributed is returned to our local communities.

If you are a Great Lakes energy customer and would like to contribute to this great cause please ENROLL TODAY!


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