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Talent & Training

Find Talent

Keeping a team’s skills ahead of the pace is tough.  The Hart Economic Development Team is focusing our efforts on helping to build an effective pipeline of qualified workers. We are eager to help you address workforce needs.  Within a 1-hour commute, you’ll find a top-of-the-line workforce that is not only ready, willing, and able but passionate about what they do.

Career Academies and Certificate Programs

Distinctive offerings at the region’s community colleges offer workers a leg up in their industry.  Industry-level hands-on training prepares workers to excel in their chosen fields.  Check each school for availability or contact us to discuss developing specific training.

Key Programs & Initiatives

Education for All Ages

Oceana County residents understand that learning starts when you're born.  Education is readily available for children from birth to graduate school.  Local schools provide students with a range of extracurricular opportunities including competitive athletics, academic programs, music and art clubs to enhance the creative aspect of learning. 


Other schools in the Hart area include Oceana Christian Schoool and Diman-Wolf Early Childhood Center.  Homeschooling is also an option in the county.  Residents of Hart are also within a 1/2-hour commute to West Shore Community College.

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