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The mission of The Hart Project is to showcase Hart's history, culture, and diversity through visual and performing arts.  Our goal is to "put the art in Hart" by acquiring 25 new public art installments by the year 2025 and to kick off the initiative by commissioning Bill Secunda, a five-time Art Prize artist/sculptor, to build a 20-ft tin man sculpture holding a huge heart to be installed in Downtown Hart. 


Next Meeting 

May 31, 2022

Hart Historic District

570 E Lincoln St

Hart, MI  49420

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM


Learn about the Hart Project and participate in creative small-group, brainstorming sessions.  Help us think about what art we want, where we want it, and how to get it.  Help us put the Art in Hart - everyone is welcome  


HEART is serving as the fiduciary for the newly formed "Hart Project" focused on putting art in Hart.  We are requesting funding support for a 20-foot tin man sculpture that would serve as a statement piece to kick off this art initiative and grab the attention of the community for support of future public art installments.  The reason we've decided to start with such a large piece is that a sculpture of this scale gives visitors a "BIG reason" to come to Downtown Hart which will ultimately strengthen our shops, restaurants, and downtown district overall.  This art initiative will attract new businesses and residents who are looking for a community that embraces creativity, diversity, culture, and new ideas. 

If you would like to support The Hart Project's goal of acquiring 25 new public art installments by the year 2025 you can give below.  Your gift is greatly appreciated!

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