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The City of Hart Social District allows participating businesses to sell alcoholic drinks to-go.  Beverages can be consumed within the downtown commons areas (parks, retailers, outdoor seating areas).

When is it operating?

Seven days a week, 11 am - 11 pm.

Which businesses are participating?

Check the list (right) and map (below) for updates, or look for the Social District rules sign displayed in the window of a participating establishment.

Participating (permitted) businesses:

Social District Rules

  1. Purchase your to-go beverage ONLY from a permitted, licensed establishment (above).  Ask your server for more information.

  2. Order an adult beverage of your choice. It will be provided in a social district cup (not more than 16 oz).

  3.  Only alcohol purchased from participating establishments may be consumed in the social district.

  4. Enjoy your drink responsibly within the social district.  Boundaries are clearly marked.  Businesses with a social district logo welcome you to shop inside with your beverage.

  5. Dispose of your cup properly. We understand you’ve just had a drink, but that’s not an excuse to litter.

  6. Do not take a cup from one establishment that serves into another establishment that serves any type of food or drinks.

  7. Cups/drinks are not permitted in the parking lots.

  8. Again, each cup is for one-time use.  Come back soon!

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