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Request for Realtor Qualifications


Creeks Drive | Hart, Michigan

The City of Hart seeks a real estate agent, broker or firm for 25 build-ready vacant lots in The Creeks Condominium Development located just west of State Street off Enterprise Drive.  

Lots have underground utility services including natural gas, water, electricity and sewer at the lot lines as well curbed and paved streets which are maintained by the city.   Common areas are maintained by the condominium association.


RFQ released:

RFQ proposals due:
11/04/2021 | 5 PM

Finalist presented to city council:

Finalist terms and agreement:
November 2021

Site Overview

Located in the City of Hart, these lots are just off the main corridor in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by mature woods with no throughway keeping traffic to a minimum.  The Hart-Montague Bike Trail intersects the entrance to the development making access just a short walk from any lot.

The city is interested in seeing these build-ready lots developed in a way that aligns with the master deed.  The development is zoned PUD, Planned Unit Development, and allows for flexibility permitting single and multi-family housing along with community swimming pools and athletic and fitness clubs which could be considered as part of the development’s growth.  There are no known environmental issues present.

Site Utilities


Development Scenerio

Development of The Creeks Condominium is governed by a Master Deed, written in accordance with Act 59 of the Public Acts of 1978, which can be found here.

The approved site plan designates 62 units to be built as follows:

•   9 single-family
•   13 duplexes
•   5 triplexes
•   3 quadplexes


Currently, two of the single-family vacant lots are privately owned.  Three of the duplex lots are developed and owner-occupied.  The remaining twenty-five lots (fifty-four units) are owned by the City of Hart. 


  • The City of Hart is willing to consider the following incentives to assist in development that matches the city’s desired vision:

  • Cost of land under market value

  • Site plan review fees waived

  • Utilities available at each site

  • Up to $10,000 for new residential construction in The Creeks, on a competitive basis

Scope of Services

The firm selected as residential real estate agent will provide the following services including but not limited to: 

• Performing market analysis
• Providing the city with activity reports
• Provide agent’s opinions for all lots
• Provide marketing materials 
• Negotiating with buyers on behalf of the city
• Real estate appraisals
• Real estate transaction closings
• All other customary activities and services  
  associated with real estate transactions
• Seek builder(s) to construct dwellings.
• Advise the city on The Creeks Condominimums Master Deed and Public Act 59  of 1978.

Evaluation Criteria

The City of Hart will act as a facilitator for this process.  The City will review and evaluate all complete proposals in response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify and engage with qualified real estate agent, broker, or firm for The Creeks Condominium Development on Creeks Drive.  An initial response to this RFQ must include the following information:

Letter of Interest:
Provide a letter identifying the real estate agent,
 broker or firm interested and provide a brief description of your vision on how to spur development.

Marketing Methods
Provide a brief description of the methods the agent,
 broker or firm will use to identify a target audience and what marketing materials and strategies will be used to promote the availability of the lots.  

Experience / Portfolio: Provide a short description of past projects of a similar nature completed by the agent, broker or firm.

Fee Schedule
  • Commission rate.
  • Proposed method of compensation for representing the City of Hart in negotiations for purchasing properties.
  • Other costs.

Resume of agent, broker or firm and lead team members.


The City of Hart staff may seek additional information upon receipt of a proposal.  The RFQ and responses should not be considered a legally binding agreement.  Upon selection of a qualified real estate agent, broker or firm the City of Hart will enter into a brokerage agreement to include lot prices, due diligence period, and other terms.

Main Contact:
Rob Splane
City Manager, City of Hart
407 S State Street
Hart, MI  49420
p. 231.873.2488





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