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HEART Awarded $50,000 from the Michigan Economic Development Council

Funds will support 2 local businesses

HART, Michigan - Hart is one of seventeen communities in Michigan awarded grant money aimed at supporting small local businesses to create resiliency and strengthen downtowns.

In early February, qualifying business startups and expansions in Hart were invited to apply to the Hart Economic and Redevelopment Team (HEART) for a chance to be selected for the MEDC’s Match on Main program which provides funding to communities that participate in the Michigan Main Street program or are a Certified Redevelopment Ready community. The communities, who receive the grant funding from the MEDC, in turn, award grants of up to $25,000 to two eligible businesses seeking support.

The HEART team received seven applications and used a scoring matrix to determine which business best aligned with the grant criteria. Ranking highest were LaProbadita and Stella's Coffee House. As a result of the two grant applications submitted, HEART was awarded $50,000 from the MEDC, one of only two communities to get the full $25,000 for two businesses!

Thriving small businesses are the cornerstone of what makes Michigan’s downtowns unique and authentic while helping to create economic opportunity across the state,” said MEDC Senior Vice President of Community Development Michele Wildman. “These Match on Main grants will help local businesses find new paths to growth and create and retain jobs, while further developing vibrant, unique, and attractive places where people want to live, work, and play.”

In total, the grants are expected to create or retain 69 full-time and 71 part-time jobs, and the projects are expected to generate a total private investment of nearly $2 million statewide.

Grants funds may be used by the business for eligible expenses that support technical assistance, interior building renovations, permanent or semi-permanent activation of outdoor space, permanent or semi-permanent business infrastructure related to COVID-19 recovery efforts, and other working capital needs such as marketing needs and inventory expenses. Additional needs identified by the business and supported by the local community are also considered.

For more information on how the Hart Economic and Redevelopment Team can help you start or expand a business, visit or call 231-301-8449.

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